Your steps are ordered

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Good morning Beautiful! When you know your steps are ordered, you realize you don’t have to chase anything. Your steps are ordered, and step by step, you’ll walk into what He has for you. But remember, it DOES require that you TAKE the steps.

One step you can take is releasing the illusion of the “perfect” time in life you’re trying to get to, where nothing goes wrong and nothing bad happens. This is Heaven – not life, and thank God it’s a real place! But, in the meantime, you live here, and God wants you to know that despite the things we go through, that we can release the pressure of that challenge by continuing to walk forward.  As a result, this forward movement will actually create joy as you go through the process of changing your perspective.

Your perspective shapes the way you act and react to everything in life. Perspectives seem to change all the time, don’t they? Some of this changing is necessary. However, if you’re changing all the time, for every perspective, it can steal your joy. It’s like your emotions are flowing with the tide of life, which is always changing. Let that go.

This is where you get to claim your joy, your relaxation, and get your smile back. Because you can CHOOSE to have your primary perspectives remain stable. Fixed. Unmovable. So, when something confronts one of your primary perspectives – you don’t change. Examples of unchanging perspectives include: your belief in God, your trust in God, your value of yourself, your dedication to fulfilling your purpose, your love of life, etc. Decide what your primary perspectives are, and the supporting scripture for them. Decide to relax, breathe and smile – God’s got you, and if He’s got you, EVERYTHING is going to work out in your favor. Therefore, you have to just keep walking – don’t chase.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him…

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