There is divine power in Christ

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Good morning Beautiful! Walking in your divine power in Christ also means walking in the knowledge that truly nothing is lacking. Much of this life is about getting out of our own way so that we can actually experience the TRUTH of God’s Word.

In Mark 9:23, Jesus states this truth clearly – “…everything is possible for one who believes.” He said everything…not some things, not little things. EVERYTHING. So if everything is possible, and the outcomes are not clear, what should be our next step? Work on our belief.

To increase your belief:
Release judgement. Everything that happened to this point is in the past, release judgement about anything and everything. Walk in a non-judge mental manner. At the end of the day, God says that He is the judge, so He’s got this. Let Him be the judge. (Romans 2)
Practice looking for the good: When you train your mind to consistently see the evidence of God’s goodness in your life, it helps your belief. But this requires that you focus on that good, and refuse to allow your mind to wander with unproductive thoughts.

You ARE a Believer, Beautiful. So today…believe.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “‘If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23

Erin Marie is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, bestselling Author, compelling Speaker & Founder of BeautifulWildFree. She personally embraces a purpose of empowering women to rediscover their beauty, purpose and sense of self through a love-encounter with Christ. Connect with her online via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter: @bwfwoman

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