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If you’re searching for a speaker for your event, we are happy to provide you with the ultimate ease as well as professional reliability.  As a passionate promoter of a love-encounter with Christ, and walking out your true purpose, Erin loves participating in events as a workshop leader, keynote speaker or panel presenter.  Contact us through the form below and share more about your event with us!

Speaking Topics

Erin provides keynotes, workshops and panel discussions for any size audience!  Erin most frequently speaks to audiences of women on topics ranging from spiritual growth to business success.  Some of her topics include:

The Meditation Masterclass: 5 Essential Steps for Developing a Spiritual Practice

Learn to rest in and enjoy God’s presence, and learn why it’s ESSENTIAL to your own spiritual health, healing and well-being.  Even with busy lives, it’s possible!  This talk shares a proven plan that Erin has implemented with women over the years, helping them to establish alignment through a spiritual practice that glorifies Him and makes you beautiful…from the inside out.

Attendees Learn:

  • How to develop a morning meditation practice
  • How your internal beauty attracts the experience you realize in your life
  • Life-worksheet:  My New Morning Meditation Practice

The Love-Encounter Masterclass: Three Keys for Revolutionizing Your Life with a Love-Encounter

The first step to healing is coming into a love-encounter with God.  In this talk, Erin shares her personal experience with a love-encounter with God after a devastating, life-altering event, as well as stories from some of the women she’s led on this journey.  Learn time-tested ways to deliver healing, peace and restoration to the areas of your life that you need it most.  After this presentation, you’ll view your relationship with God in ways you never dreamed of.  

Attendees Learn:

  • The steps to forgive and free yourself to move into self-love and loving others
  • Why love works and is the key to the success you want in life
  • Life-worksheet:  The Three Keys that Lead You to LOVE

The Manifestation Masterclass: Manifest your Greatness, Become a Woman After God’s Heart

In an age where everything BUT purity sells, how do you become a woman who’s first desire is God’s desire?  Have you mapped out the vision for your life, so that you can see your desires and God’s desires come to pass? Putting and maintaining God in first position in our lives as women who have to balance priorities, avoid distractions and watch out for pitfalls doesn’t seem to be easy.  However, God’s Word gives us the formula that aligns our hearts with His.

Attendees Learn:

  • What is purity and why it’s important whether you’re single or married
  • The components of manifesting – how to create an alignment with God and receive the desires of your heart
  • Life-worksheet: Manifest Your Destiny through 3 Easy Steps

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What Others Are Saying About Erin’s Speaking Appearances

“I had the awesome privilege to experience Erin’s presentation!  It was FANTASTIC! …She talked about risk-taking, and it was really, really, REALLY good!” -Julesha Curt

“By coming to Erin’s event, I know that as an Event Coordinator I’m not hearing all of my members…she shared some really great advice….we thank you SO MUCH!” -Angela Leed 

“We’re so glad to have Erin with us, she’s done a tremendous job in allowing us to get information for our students to help them develop their leadership skills – I don’t know if we would have had a successful institute without her, her input was invaluable!  I would recommend anyone, if you can, to have her to your institution, because she WILL make a difference, she made a difference with us, and our students are RAVING about her right now!  So get her before she’s booked up!!” -Donald Cleveland

“Erin is focused, determined and very driven. Working with Erin was a pleasure because she is passionate, reliable and very professional. I have enjoyed all of my interactions with Erin.  Her top qualities include: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Domini Bryant

“Erin knows how to get the job done! Her attention to detail and willingness to perform with excellence drives bottom-line results. Her leadership skills have a positive influence over others, which encourages them to go above-and-beyond their self-limitations. She is a great educator, and a wonderful speaker for any organization.” Cindy Martin 

“I really enjoyed Erin’s presentation, she was very energetic!” – Sherry D.