S.H.E. Course

SHE course

S.H.E. – A Course in Spiritual Healing & Elevation

A Love-Encounter with Christ, Designed for Women

Welcome to SHE – a Spiritual Healing and Elevation course that was given to me as a gift from God during my personal healing and elevation process, to share with you…a gift designed to help you live your BEST BeautifulWildFree life! 

You may be thinking…“Do I need Spiritual Healing and Elevation?”

Read the statements below and determine if you identify with any of them:

  • You’ve been feeling separated from God or feel like God is distant
  • You feel “stuck” in your spiritual walk
  • You don’t feel like you’re living your best life
  • You feel an internal “PUSH” to achieve a higher level of peace, success and calm
  • You want to get solid on what you want from this life, discover your deepest desires and manifest them in this physical realm
  • You want to flow easier with people in your life and naturally attract positive people
  • You want greater emotional stability and the ability to be grounded when faced with challenges
  • You want to go DEEPER in your spiritual experience with God
  • You’re looking for ease throughout your day and the ability to flow from moment to moment

SHE explores a divinely-inspired Spiritual Healing And Elevation process with topics including:

  • How to revive your own deep relationship with our Creator, becoming more aware of His VERY real presence in your daily decisions
  • Developing your own Love-Encounter with God and how to hear His voice
  • How to unleash the creative power God has given you so that you can start manifesting effortlessly and powerfully according to your spiritual alignment
  • How to hone your Feminine Radiance in ways that bring joy and light to the men in your life, attracting them to you
  • Ways to hear directly from the Holy Spirit so that you always are aware of the answers you’ve been guven
  • How to tap into the power of receiving, so that you can experience the FULLness of your destiny
  • Understand the pathway that leads to Trust, which is essential to walking confidently through the necessary unknown to reach your destiny – yes, it is necessary to know how to deal successfully with the unknown in order to have what you need
  • Release baggage through transition in a powerful Forgiveness Process, clearing and lightening your spirit for easier flow
  • Getting freer than you’ve ever been by gaining a real appreciation for the present and learning to live an uninhibited reality every day!

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