Remain humble and grateful

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Good morning Beautiful! This week’s focus has been on being grateful even through difficulty. But what about being grateful through the blessing? It’s interesting how you have to be aware of both ends of the spectrum – from challenges all the way to blessings, favor, and miracles, the key to gratitude no matter what is humility. God wants you to have a spirit of positive expectation. On the flip side, you also must know how to remain humble and grateful when your positive expectations are fulfilled.

When I pledged my sorority in college, our big sisters warned us about remaining humble. They told us not to let the excitement of the moment go to your head or change who we were. The same applies to us when we are blessed by God. Your season of blessing that you’ll receive will overwhelm you with gratitude, and you must stay grateful.

For a moment, right now, just imagine what you’ve been praying for coming to reality. Imagine experiencing that blessing and think about how it will feel. Close your eyes and see it happening in your life. Are you smiling? This blessing will be what you asked for and more. When God gives it to you, He wants you to remain grateful.

In order to remain grateful you’ll need to:

1. Keep (and even increase!) your daily prayer and devotion practice going regularly

2. Stay involved in ministry at your church, and continue to be in a relationship with other Believers.

3. Keep being gracious with the people who are still dealing with the thing that you’ve been delivered from – don’t judge or be harsh

4. Keep taking moments throughout the day to express your gratitude to God for WHO He is, not just WHAT He’s done

5. Remain more attached to God than you do to your blessing – keep God first, and don’t let the blessing become your idol

There are just a few things that you should focus on while anticipating your blessing, so you’ll be ready for it when it arrives! God blesses those who are prepared to receive the blessing, and He blesses those who will remain humble and full of gratitude after the blessing arrives.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

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