Your Relationships With Others

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Good morning Beautiful…are your relationships with others close to you in alignment with Gods best? Do you feel comfortable, at ease, with peace? If not, there’s something about yourself that you’re not comfortable with, uneasy about and don’t have peace about.  Your relationships with others are always a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself.  If you want to take an honest look at your life to determine if you need to work on yourself, ask yourself this question – “Where am I compromising your value with others?”


If you’re in a relationship* that degrades you, only takes from you, and you consistently find yourself feeling empty or down after an interaction, this is an opportunity for you to look at yourself and strengthen your own personal boundaries.  As Christians, we have to abide with certain people in love.  However, the Bible also instructs for us to tell the truth in love.  If there is someone who consistently crosses your boundaries, sit down with them, and have a stern but loving conversation with them, clearly letting them know what is hurting you.  Set a new expectation for how you would like the interactions to be in the future.  Do this firmly, calmly, and lovingly.

Other times, there are people who you don’t have to have daily or regular interactions with.  Let go of your attachments to beliefs and people who don’t reflect what you know God wants you to believe about yourself. You know who they are.

Foundational Scripture for Today:  “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” Proverbs 13:20

*This meditation does not directly apply to marriage relationships in every sense.  If you’re having trouble with your marriage, you should seek professional, Godly counseling, and work it out!

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