Raise your standards

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Good morning Beautiful!  This week has been about helping you to raise your standards in both singleness and relationships – which has a foundation in raising your beliefs about what you think is possible.  Do you really believe that God has a good future for you, that He is a redeemer of you, that He had given you an abundant life?  Do you believe that good things are possible and happening for you for your relationships too?  Have you ever found yourself believing God in one area, but having difficulty believing God in another area?  If God can do it in one area, He can do it in all areas!


As you raise your standards by becoming what it is you want to receive, getting rid of loneliness, enjoying your own company, and being conscious of who you are attracting into your life, God is also asking you to raise your standard of expectation from Him.  You may have gone through a devastating relationship in the past, or you may feel like you’re being challenged by a seemingly hopeless situation right now – but God wants you to see another future…His future for you.  The Word says “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you…” Jeremiah 29:11.

Enjoy this season of life, and allow it to serve it’s perfect purpose.  Your future is securely in the hands of God.  Challenge and destroy every thought that comes that tries to tell you otherwise – it’s not from God.  As you train your mind to accept only the words of God into your life, and successfully raise your standards for yourself, expect the same from those you choose to be in relationship with.  Together, you will grow a strong foundation of trust and companionship, and you’ll have the relationship you desire.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.” Psalms 92:13

Erin Marie is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, bestselling Author, compelling Speaker & Founder of BeautifulWildFree. She personally embraces a purpose of empowering women to rediscover their beauty, purpose and sense of self through a love-encounter with Christ. Connect with her online via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter: @bwfwoman

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