Making a critical decision through God

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Good morning Beautiful! If you’re trying to make a critical decision today, this morning meditation is for you. Every day, we’re faced with decisions, some small, and others that will have a lasting impact on an important area of our lives. There is a process of evaluating options and making a godly decision. There are also many ways to look at that decision to determine if what you’ve decided is in God’s will for you.
When you’re making a decision, one way you can determine if it is in God’s will is asking this one question – “Does what I’ve decided to give God the glory?” What does giving God the glory mean? A basic definition is: something or someone that points to God in action, word and being. God defines giving Him the glory as one of the primary purposes for our creation. So it only follows that the things that we do would naturally give Him glory IF they are in alignment with His will.
If you are trying to make a Godly decision, look at the option you’re thinking about choosing. Does it point to God? (Action) Does it sound like God? (Word) Does it look like God? (Being) Asking these questions helps you keep your decisions in alignment with the best that God has for you.
Foundational Scripture for Today: “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.” Psalm‬ ‭34:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬


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