How you can attract your soulmate

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Good morning Beautiful!  When you consider all of the various people you’ve attracted over the years while waiting for your soulmate, you probably can see some trends.  If you’ve consistently worked on yourself and your relationship with God, you’ve seen some trends fade away and others develop that take their place.  The point is, whether stagnant or changing, the quality of the person you attract into courtship depends on your self-development and your spiritual-development – this is how you attract your soulmate.


Developing your relationship with God:  Prioritization.  This is the main challenge for most of us in developing our relationship with God.  You have a million things to do every day, and it seems like the time just slips away from you most of the time – however, the only way to GUARANTEE you have the time is to actually set it aside.  You have to create 5-10 minutes early in the morning where you can’t be disturbed to sit in God’s presence FIRST thing in the morning.  When you do, with praise, prayer and listening to the wisdom that will arise in your spirit, you literally feel WASHED clean.  This makes you more receptive to God throughout the day, and pretty soon, you’ll develop silent prayers to God throughout the day and your God-consciousness will develop.

Developing your relationship with yourself:  Commitment.  Throughout the day, one of the strongest qualities you can use to develop your relationship with yourself is commitment to do the things you said you were going to do.  Whether that’s to read a book for 10 minutes daily during your lunch at work so that you can learn a new concept, or just to stop thinking a thought that isn’t serving you and replace it with a scripture you find, you’ve got to be committed to yourself.

If you notice, prioritization and commitment are 2 primary facets that you’ll be investing in, which are two very important aspects of the future relationship you’ll have with your spouse.  If you bring these to the relationship, you’ll attract someone who’s doing the same thing.  When it comes, be assured that it will be well worth your investment!

Foundational Scripture for Today:  “Trust in the LORD with all your heart…” Proverbs 3:5


Erin Marie is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, bestselling Author, compelling Speaker & Founder of BeautifulWildFree. She personally embraces a purpose of empowering women to rediscover their beauty, purpose and sense of self through a love-encounter with Christ. Connect with her online via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter: @bwfwoman

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