God Will Shift People

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Good morning Beautiful! Often, to bring you to the place of peace and into your promise, God will shift people.  He will change some things around, remove some people, restore some passions, make your purpose clear.  Have you noticed people leaving you, moving away from you, friends not calling you as often?  Maybe relationships have distanced between you and others recently.  Although it may hurt, there’s another perspective for you to consider.  Your change will trigger a change in other people.  Either people will come with you, or you will go on without them.  Don’t expect for everyone to see your vision and believe in it.

Those closest to you may be the first to disappoint you – BUT ONLY if you’re looking for validation from people.  Go ahead and let God shift people the way He wants to – it’s for your good, and the purpose of it is to bless you.  I once heard a pastor say that when you’re going up on an elevator, some people will get off at the first floor, others may make it to the fifth floor – and still others will make it to the eleventh floor.  However, only a select few will make it all the way to the penthouse with you!  Go UP, and let God shape who is around you as you do.


Today, rest in the fact that, fortunately, your success in your God-ordained vision is not predicated upon what other people see and believe.  You can be happy, and know that just as God will shift people out of your life, God will shift people into your life too!  Keep your heart and mind open for those He brings IN to BLESS you.

It may feel chaotic for a while, but the place of peace comes and it is productive and beautiful. Rest in it…He’s got you.

Foundational Scripture for Today:  “You let men ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but You brought us out to abundance.” Ps. 66:12

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