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Good morning Beautiful! Within God, there are many things for you to discover, but perhaps one of the most important is to find yourself. In addition to knowing God, finding and knowing yourself – your gifts, your purpose, your joys, your limits, your pains, your strengths, your healing – reinforces the secure place God has for you to stand in order to effectively contribute to this world, which brings ultimate satisfaction…to be used for His glory.


Many people are searching for something to fill the voids, when really that’s only something God can do. One of the easiest ways to maintain your joy and peace is to release the PEOPLE in your life from the weight and expectation of filling the places that only GOD can fill in your life.  Are you looking to your husband for your ultimate security?  Do you expect your children to make you happy?  Do you find yourself disappointed in your friends when they didn’t leave you feeling the way you thought they should?  All of these are heavy expectations that the people around you really need to be liberated from.  When you find yourself in God, you discover that God is the only one who can provide your ultimate peace, security and stability.  Today and every day, focus on lifting a little more of your expectations from people, and place them in God’s hands.

And once You come into a knowledge of Him, falling in love with Him, it’s His desire for you to help others…but to be truly effective, you must be unquestionably in love with yourself, and know who you are.  Walk fully and completely – every day – in the knowledge that you are uniquely, wonderfully made, and that God is pleased with you just as you are.  Remember that no one else can be you in the lives of those you’re meant to touch, love and minister to. Fully be you…fully be used.

Foundational Scripture for Today:  “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” – Matthew 16:25

Erin Marie is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, bestselling Author, compelling Speaker & Founder of BeautifulWildFree. She personally embraces a purpose of empowering women to rediscover their beauty, purpose and sense of self through a love-encounter with Christ. Connect with her online via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter: @bwfwoman

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