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One of my loves is reading – I love everything about reading, from books, to bookstores, to sharing great books with my girlfriends!  I truly believe that one of the best ways to grow Emotionally Healthy Spiritualityin our own life experiences is to read.  So it’s pretty exciting to share this book review – as well as other types of reviews for Christian Women’s Resources – with you regularly.

I first heard about the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero, from my spiritual father, Pastor Steve Bozeman in Atlanta.  He’s always recommending different resources to me, but for this one, he actually sent me a screenshot of one of the pages…and it FLOORED me (click on the image below to read the page).  It perfectly described someone I had a close relationship with who was having challenges healing from a toxic relationship.  I got the book and read it cover to cover.  It was clear after reading this book that as Christians, we need to take our emotional health seriously.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality describes what an emotionally unhealthy person looks like, the importance of having emotional health as an overall part of our spiritual lives and validates healthy emotions.  As women, we are naturally emotional – and because God made us that way, it’s a good thing (despite what we may read or hear!).  The key for us is learning how to know what emotions to express, and when.  The book goes into depth on 7 steps you can implement today to start achieving emotionally healthy spirituality, or simply to grow stronger in your current spiritual walk.
emotionally healthy spiritualityOne of my favorite suggestions from the author was mapping out your families history and the issues that each person dealt with.  The author makes the point that much of what we deal with in our current lives is a result of what happened in generations before us.  The same issues that your grandmother had, you’ll see in your mom, and maybe even in your life.  After mapping the history, Peter Scazzero shows you ways to end those generational challenges now.

Read this book if you:

  • Need help learning how to control your own emotions
  • Need confirmation on a persons’ emotional health
  • Want deeper insight into why people make repeated choices that are detrimental to their emotional health
  • Attract people who seem incapable of loving fully
  • Have difficulty in setting boundaries
  • Want to be more authentic with those you love
  • Are a leader who struggles with keeping the people who follow you engaged
  • Need help with healing emotional wounds


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