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BWFwoman Books proudly introduces a new style of devotional journal to Christian women, reinforcing mindfulness through scripture, prayers, teachings, and online classes taught by Erin Marie, @BWFwoman, to support your spiritual practice.

The BWFwoman PURPOSE Devotional Journal


Live your Purpose. Love your Life.

This BWFwoman PURPOSE devotional journal will help you:

  • Understand how your gifts and challenges are clues to your purpose
  • Align yourself with God’s divine will for your life and experience joy
  • Learn the three keys to your restoration and reclaim all that is meant for you
  • Develop the trust in God necessary to move forward with unrelenting confidence

Join #10DayPrayandSlay and you’ll have the opportunity to receive exclusive free resources to enhance your experience!  Pre-order your devotional journal now, as our first run is a limited print of 500 copies. The first 50 copies will be signed by the Author.

BWFwoman Devotional Journal – $19 plus shipping

Pre-Order Now. Limited Copies Available.


Support your spiritual growth and prayer and meditation practice with the BWFwoman Books devotional journals through:

  1. Learning opportunities. Intentionally created to focus your mind on an important lesson around the devotional topic, the Renew Your Spirit segment shares practical knowledge you can immediately implement to strengthen your spirit in the topic of this devotional journal. There are 3 Renew Your Spirit segments, one at the beginning of each set of 10 days.
  2. Practice opportunities. Through the devotionals within each of the three sets of 10 days, you’ll have 30 sets of daily scriptures, prayers, and journaling pages, and you are presented with the opportunity to strengthen your prayer and meditation practice every day. Know that regular practice is the pathway to healing, restoration, and receiving blessings in your life. This will assist you in creating REAL life change.
  3. Join the #10DayPrayandSlay Community.  With every journal, Erin Marie leads a prayer movement lasting 10 days only. Sign up for #10DayPrayandSlay, and you’ll receive additional, exclusive free resources to accompany you on your journey…plus, you’ll harness the power of agreement with other like-minded women.


BWFwoman Devotional Journal – $19 plus shipping

Pre-Order Now. Limited Copies Available.


Please note: Orders are shipped via UPS, beginning the week of April 23, 2018 . Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by BWFwoman, LLC.  Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping within the United States. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your order.