How you begin your courtship matters

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Good morning Beautiful!  The way you begin your courtship matters, and many times, you may be the one to introduce the concept to the one who is interested in being with you.  The reason it matters is because of the concept of stewardship…God expects for you to make wise decisions with His precious creation…YOU.

The right partner for you will actually desire and respect you MORE when you introduce the concept of stewardship.  One of the biggest lies that so many women have fallen for is that intimacy with a man right at the beginning of a relationship will make him more interested in you or commit to you – it actually does the opposite, by causing him to silently marginalize you because you’re acting just like the “rest of them.”  You’ll capture his attention by having a standard, and it’s a standard that you can introduce at the appropriate time, with a kind tone – that you believe in reserving intimacy and certain experiences for your husband, whenever he comes along.


I’ve seen men walk away from this scenario, but know that if that happens, you should be HAPPY.  They weren’t really interested in you anyway, only in what you have.  The right one will be intrigued, and wonder what he needs to do to find out more about this woman who clearly loves and cares for herself more than she does the concept of being in a relationship.  Beginning your courtship with this in mind helps you remain clear when options are presented to you.  God observes your actions as well, and will honor you and your relationship because you chose to honor Him.

Be intentional about how you care for yourself, and the one who will honor that intention WILL show up.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…”Colossians 3:23

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