All we have is the present

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All we have is the present

Good morning Beautiful! If the past has expired and the future is not promised, all we have is the present. The present is here for us to optimize, and for us to focus on. Each improvement you make in the present has a domino effect that improves the future, because doing more of the same only. We always produce more of the same. To change your future, you’ve got to change your present.
One way to do that is to learn what you need to learn right now, in the present, so that you can hold and KEEP your blessing. What good is it to pray for a blessing that God’s been hiding and developing for you, only to receive it and not have put in the work to know how to keep it? Like water, it slips away. On the other hand, if you decide to become deeply rooted in it – which means you are committed, that every offense doesn’t affect your attitude, that you put it before God in prayer so that you can receive in the moment feedback and know what to do next – you’re going to be in the divine, right position to hold and keep your blessing when it arrives.
Don’t worry about the past, or what you feel slipped through your fingers. Any missed opportunity that was from God will STILL work together for your good. Pray this prayer with me: “God, I lay any regret down at your alter. Your desire for me is to make the moment I have in my hands right now GREAT. Show me the beauty and opportunity in my present. Direct my steps right now so that I can be sure I’m making wise decisions. Fill me with your peace about my future, and give me the strength to maximize the present.” Amen! Keep your HOPE in the Lord today!
Foundational Scripture for Today: ““I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm‬ ‭34:4‬

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